That ‘Guinness’ look…

Descent from Mesolithic ‘Out of Africa’ ancestors, who carried a recessive albino gene, from whom many descendants inherited a lack of melanin, in the skin and eyes… but not in the hair.

recessive gene

the eve gene

‘Black Irish’ examples:

jennifer connolly

  • Jennifer Connolly (Irish descent)

shannon doherty

  • Shannon Doherty (Irish descent)

lara flynn boyle

  • Lara Flynn Boyle (Irish descent)

emma willis

  • Emma Willis (Welsh descent)

cillian murphy

  • Cillian Murphy (Irish)

pierce brosnan

  • Pierce Brosnan (Irish)

timothy dalton

  • Timothy Dalton (Welsh)

daniel day lewis

  • Daniel Day-Lewis (Welsh)

clive owen

  • Clive Owen (Welsh descent)

anthony hopkins

  • Anthony Hopkins (Welsh)

tom cruise

  • Tom Cruise (Irish & Welsh descent)

elizabeth taylor

  • Elizabeth Taylor (Irish, Scottish & Welsh descent)

richard burton

  • Richard Burton (Welsh)

tom jones

  • Tom Jones (Welsh)

catherine mccormack

  • Catherine McCormack (Scottish)

mel gibson

  • Mel Gibson (Irish descent)


US President Barack Obama (2ndL) and Fir

P.S. “Guinness is good for you”… and vegan (yay!)