From: “The Future Has An Ancient Heart”

By: Professor Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum Ph.D

(July 2005 – Berkeley University, California)


“Visiting caves on African migration paths at Altamira in Spain and at Lascaux in France, I visually understood Emmanuel Anatis insight that there is a continuum between prehistoric African art and great modern art. Prehistoric art was created in a cosmology of the African Black mother, a cosmology remembered in France on African migration paths by Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Matisse, et al. and in Spain by Picasso, Miro, Dali, Gaudi…”

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“…healing rituals and heresies in Christian places have continued to transmit the memory of the African Black mother to this day. Islands and mountain enclaves (where people fled invaders and inquisitors) have preserved the memory more clearly than have mainland cultures, although these, too, have startling instances of the African content of submerged beliefs of Europe, not only images of the black African mother, but African solar motifs in rock art, and African healing water rituals.”

sweden 6th century ad

african tribal symbols - sun and moon mean love

solar motifs in ireland

“Sardinia…Santa Cristina’s well  – shaped in the form of Carthaginian Tanit… is constructed so that one descends into the body fluids of the woman… before African water rituals became Christian rituals, there was a Semitic version of African water rituals with…Maimone…similarity…to the name of the great Jewish philosopher of Spain, Maimonides, in the golden age of harmony between Jews, Christians, and Muslims before 1492. I also thought of the evidence of African water rituals in communities surrounding Nuraghi, the thousands of coneshaped structures of Sardinia that resemble those of Zimbabwe in Africa.”

zimbabwe2ibibio water-spirit priestess - nigeriasardinia2

“…in the south of France, on an African migration path in an area of many menhirs and dolmens…located at Lourdes…the sick and desperate of the world…come for healing…Mary…we study in women’s spirituality programs as the major Christian manifestation of the African dark mother…Grottos, and springs, in Italian, French, and other folklore, are regarded as wombs of the dark mother.”

santa cristina well - sardinia 3santa cristina well - sardinia 2

“…vernacular, or people’s ritual…popular beliefs in Mary are periodically denounced as “Mariolatry” by the papacywhose canon denigrates women…an involution of biblical attribution of original sin to Eve…”

blaming eve

inquisition3catholic torture 6catholic torture 14catholic torture 11


“Although…whitened by church fathers, the mother of Jesus was first depicted in ochre red (one of the signs of the African Black mother). See painting in Priscilla catacombs of Rome. At Le Puy…she is sculpted in red stone. Simone Weil…at Le Puy…worked on the left politically while she meditated on the African origins of Judeo/Christian beliefs. Townspeople called her the red virgin. Church fathers by the 5th century CE had destroyed or lightened most icons of the African black mother, but people in subaltern cultures of Europe persisted in painting her black. In paintings of V shaped Black Madonnas, almost always, there is, somewhere in the image, the color red.”

1747 map - benin - west africa - juda

african origin of christianity - p boyd