From: “The Future Has An Ancient Heart”

By: Professor Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum

(2005 – Berkeley University)



“The unfulfilled aims of the French Revolution are remembered today, in the south of France, in a strong ecology movement, that seeks to fulfil revolutionary aims of ‘Liberte’, ‘Egalite’, and ‘Fraternite’, with a life style that respects the earth and all its creatures…”

les mis broadway 1
“My place is here – I fight with you!” (Les Miserables)
les mis broadway 2
“The time is now, the day is here! One day to a new beginning, Raise the flag of freedom high, Every man will be a king!” (Les Miserables)
les mis broadway 3
“There’s a new world for the winning, there’s a new world to be won” (Les Miserables)

“Scores of Black Madonnas in France remind us of our African origins and the values of our African dark Mother.”

black madonna 1 mother of humanity 3

“…Luca Cavalli-Sforza’s hypothesis…can predict how a geographical region votes, based on…African migration paths…places whose culture is centered on the Mother (on African migration paths) tend to be politically on the left…dramatically true, for example, in Bologna in Italy, center of the Partisan Resistance in Italy, which saved scores of Jews, fought the Nazis, and has been Red since 1945.”

“…places whose culture is centered on the father reflect…suppression of the ancient belief in the African dark Mother, and will tend to have right wing cultural and political beliefs, notably male dominance, violence, and ultimately, Fascism. In the Twentieth Century, the conflict between the two world views was bitterly fought out in the Spanish Civil War, a rehearsal for World War II. Picasso’s painting Guernica, in the Basque region of Spain, remains today the most powerful antiwar painting of our time…”

guernica - picasso 2 guernica - picasso 1

“Cavalli-Sforzas theory, that beliefs brought by ancient African migrations have left their imprint in Left politics…of resistance to Fascism and work for Socialist idealsalso prevails in the Basque region of Spain which, at Mondragon, has the most successful cooperatives in the world, and in Italy in the Salento region of Puglia – both on African migration paths. The Salento has many menhirs and dolmens, and many Black Madonnas to whom peasant Communists pray…”

Palermo, my maternal ancestral place, on an African migration path, later a Canaanite entrepot… Mount Erice…looks like a sleeping woman covered with a mantle of dark wheat and red poppies.”

“Dark wheat and red poppies…were symbols of African Isis and Semitic Astarte. In 800 BC, Semitic Canaanites (African in origin) founded trading bases at Carthage in Africa and at Palermo in my ancestral Sicily. Canaanites brought their…Astarte to Carthage, where she melded with African Tanit. Roman Church and State maligned the Carthaginians and their dark…Tanit, with untrue stories about child sacrifice. Romans defeated the Carthaginians (and Sicilians, with whom Carthaginians were allied), but they could not destroy the dark mother Tanit’s values – love and nurturance, of infants and children.”

 poppy wheat 4 tanit 6 carthage

“In the 1970s the symbol of African Tanit, an ankh – cross with an oval head – in one of those periodic upsurges of deep beliefs, became the symbol of international Feminism… Tanit, in her image as African Black mother and feminist ankh, has been proposed as world symbol of contemporary world movements of healing and transformation.”

ankh 4 ankh 2 womb sacred

“The sun is a major symbol of African belief…Ra is the sun… In ancient African manifestation of gender complementarity…African Isis…carries the sun on her head – African mother who legitimated Egyptian male rulers. Sunflowers have today become the symbol of the world anti-nuclear movement, looking to the sun for energy in a nonviolent world.”

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“In 2005…the Bush Administration, in…a last gasp of patriarchy, grounded on violent white male supremacy…murdering innocent dark children in Iraq and sending our youth to die in an imperialist war, benefiting a small moneyed elite in the U.S.”

“…more than 90% of paleolithic and neolithic figures are women…in the middle ages…the dark Mother in Andalusia, in Spain, manifested in the high art, philosophy, and harmonious communities, of Jews, Muslims , and Christians. The bond that enabled them to live together peacefully and productively…was the unarticulated, suppressed belief, in the African Black Mother. After 1492, in Spain, France, Italy and elsewhere in Europe, Church and State scapegoated Muslims, Jews, dissenting Christians, Gypsies, and other “heretics.” Ethnic cleansing killed and killed, but could not kill the memory of the dark Mother in Spain. Today the belief is alive in archaeological artefact, art, and in the easy way people live together. See Tanit in Ibiza, Cybele in the center of Madrid, and the black madonna of Montserrat…”

african mother - venus symbol

“The easiness of diverse people with each other when they share a belief in the Black African mother is palpable today in the south of France, where ancient African beliefs are very near consciousness…In the…archeological museum at Les Eyzies in the Dordogne, African origin of everyone and the early African migrations that formed world civilization are highlighted…Josephine Baker, African American woman, who became an international chanteuse in Paris in the 1920s…built her villa chose to the ancient Lascaux caves with their ochre red paintings…James Baldwin, great African/American writer…wrote searing indictments of U. S. racism in the 1960s from his expatriated home in Provence.”


mitochondrial eve - the solution for world peace - mother of humanity

 “…not yet conscious memory of the ancient black mother may have…nonviolent revolution for a harmonious world. This harmony may, perhaps, be best understood listening to African American jazz…different riffs but a constant bass tone that remembers her.”