From: “The Oera Linda Book” (Frisian folk history)

* Newer translation – by Jan Ott

(593 B.C.) “…at that time something happened which nobody had reckoned upon. In the heart of Findasland, upon a mountain, lies a plain called Kasamyr (Cashmere) that is ‘extraordinary.’ There was a child born whose mother was the daughter of a king, and whose father was a high-priest. In order to hide the shame they were obliged to renounce their own blood. Therefore it was taken out of the town to poor people.”

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“As the boy grew up, nothing was concealed from him, so he did all in his power to acquire wisdom. His intellect was so great that he understood everything that he saw or heard. The people regarded him with respect, and the priests were afraid of his questions.”  

brahmins invented the caste system brahmins are racist 13


“When he was of full age he went to his parents. They had to listen to some hard language; and to get rid of him they gave him a quantity of jewels, but they dared not openly acknowledge him. Overcome with sorrow at the false shame of his parents, he wandered about.”



“While travelling he fell in with a Frisian sailor who was serving as a slave, and who taught him our manners and customs. He bought the freedom of the slave, and they remained friends till death.”

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“Wherever he went he taught the people NOT TO TOLERATE RICH MEN OR PRIESTS, and that they must guard themselves against false shame, which everywhere did harm to love and charity.”

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brahmins are racist - all priests of every organised religion originated as aryan magyar magi from tibet 4 brahmins2 priests invented racism

brahmins are racist - all priests of every organised religion originated as aryan magyar magi from tibet 13

priests invented racism and war priests invented racism and war

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“The earth, he said, bestowed her treasures on those who scratch her skin; so all are obliged to dig, and plough, and sow if they wish to reap, but NO ONE IS OBLIGED TO DO ANYTHING FOR ANOTHER unless it be out of goodwill.”




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He taught that men should not seek in her bowels for gold, or silver, or precious stones, which occasion envy and destroy love. To embellish your wives and daughters, he said, the river offers her pare stream. No man is able to make everybody equally rich and happy, but it is the duty of all men to make each other as equally rich and as happy as possible. Men should not despise any knowledge; but justice is the greatest knowledge that time can teach, because she wards off offences and promotes love.”

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His first name was Jessos, but the priests, who hated him, called him Fo, that is, false; the people called him Krishna, that is, shepherd; and his Frisian friend called him Buddha (purse), because he had in his head a treasure of wisdom, and in his heart a treasure of love.”

(* Jan Ott translation): “His first name was Yes-us, but the priests who severely hated him, called him Fo, that is, fault. The folk called him Kris-en, that is, herdsman, and his Fryan friend called him Buda, that is, pouch, because he had in his head a treasure of wisdom, and in his heart a treasure of love.”

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“At last he was obliged to flee from the wrath of the priests; but wherever he went his teaching had preceded him, whilst his enemies followed him like his shadow. When Jessos had thus travelled for twelve years he died; but his friends preserved his teaching, and spread it wherever they found listeners.”

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“What do you think the priests did then? That I must tell you, and you must give your best attention to it. Moreover, you must keep guard against their acts and their tricks with all the strength that Wr-alda has given you.”

* ‘Wralda’ =  the old Frisian name for God

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