Wake The Dragon

The Afrocentric history of the Celts… (and other hidden histories)



1. Mitochondrial Eve… the ‘Mother of Humanity’… she is the one thing that EVERY human being in the World, alive today, has in common with each other… the same 10000th great-grandmother… She can help to break down the ‘divide and conquer’ damage, caused by the 1% rich ‘elite’… and re-unite the ‘99%’ in peace… Just as ‘All roads lead to Rome’ – so too does all DNA and culture lead back to the African ‘mother land’ of humanity.

eve 16mitochondrial eve - 10000th great grandmother of everyone - the cure for world peace & unity

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2.  ‘The Great Welsh Prophecy’ (‘Armes Prydein Fawr’)… tells of the return of ‘King Arthur’ (‘Arthur’ is an old Welsh, Brythonic word, meaning ‘very black’)… a ‘messianic’ type of hero, nicknamed ‘Y Mab Darogan’ (‘The son of destiny’ or ‘The prophesied son’… like the ‘Prince who was promised – Azor Ahai’ of ‘Game of Thrones)… who will unite the Celts of Britain and Ireland, and team up with the Black ‘Vikings,’ under the banner of the Welsh red dragon… together, through (Gandhi style) ‘non-violent non-cooperation’, they will close down the ‘White Dragon’ – representative of the Saxon elite’s arms trade capital of the world, in the ‘Square Mile’ City of London… after which, peace WILL return to the world… forever.

welsh flag 10welsh flag 2saxon17saxon4saxon19

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3. ‘The Queen of the South will rise up in judgement”… In ancient Kemetic (the original Black African Egypt, before it was invaded by Hyksos, Greeks and Arabs), Queen Tiye (the ‘Lady of the Two Lands’) had come from Meroe, in Nubia… She was the ‘Makeda’ (‘Meroe Makeda’ – from where ‘Mary Magda’ comes from)… a spiritual Matriarch (a ‘papesse’ or female ‘pope’), a chief female shaman-ess, who channelled a shamanic angel ‘Spirit husband,’ to keep ‘Ma’at’ harmony, throughout the ancient worldwide Cushite empire… The ‘Makeda’ position passed down to Queen Tiye’s niece (Sitamum’s daughter), Nefertiti… After Nefertiti was murdered, by a Greek high priest (named Cecrops), her only surviving daughter, Meritaten, was helped to escape (in exile), to the British Isles… One of her titles, ‘Sakotia’ (from the Socotra island residence, of the Queen of Ethiopia, as remembered in Greek mythology) lent it’s name to Scot-land (in her memory – ‘Scotia’s land’… and as a reminder to the Scots of their African homeland)… Meritaten-Scotia’s female descendants survived, in County Kerry, Ireland (where her grave is traditionally located, at Glen Scotia)… Legend foretells the return of the (after many years in exile, now ‘melanin deficient’ albino, Cushite-Celtic) descendant, of Meritaten, Nefertiti and Tiye… the return of the ‘Makeda’… who will work together, with the Welsh ‘Prince who was promised,’ to take back Britain from the Saxon ‘1% elite’ rich… in order to liberate the ‘99%’ people (from this current world and life of ‘virtual slavery’ to the rich).


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